Socially Engaged Buddhism

~We at SEBC affirm our commitment to inclusivity and living in harmony. Our values are based on Buddhist ethics, including nonviolence and reverence for life.

~We recognize root causes of suffering as greed, hatred, and delusion – both personal and collective/institutionalized. We aim to transform suffering through generosity, lovingkindness, and wisdom.

~We support: holding actions to prevent further harm; rebuilding structures and systems to sustain life; and shifting consciousness to recognize our interconnection (“The Great Turning”).

~We invite your participation, perspectives, and solidarity. May we stand stronger as Beloved Community. One Dharma.

“What is socially engaged Buddhism? It is Dharma practice that flows from the understanding of the complete yet complicated interdependence of all life. It is the practice of the Bodhisattva vow to save all beings. It is to know that the liberation of ourselves and the liberation of others are inseparable. It is to transform ourselves as we transform all our relationships and our larger society. It is work at times from the inside out and at times from the outside in, depending on the needs and conditions. It is to see the world through the eye of Dharma and to respond empathically and actively with compassion.” ~Donald Rothberg and Alan Senauke, “Four Movements in the History of Socially Engaged Buddhism and Their Central Contributions”