Founders Group

The Southeastern Buddhist Community (SEBC) is run entirely by volunteers. Since the beginning, the core organizing committee has been referred to as the “founders group.” Although comprised of changing leadership, we still use the same name for this group, who meet from time to time in order to discuss planning, events, and anything else needed. In addition to these tasks, the founders facilitate regular meetings, as well as manage our email account, newsletter, website, and Facebook. Typically, the size of this group has been four or five people. We welcome your interest to support the leadership, vision, direction, and growth of SEBC. If you would like to contribute any services, please let us know – and we invite new ideas, including expanding roles to meet the needs of our community.

Here are some basic guidelines for participation in the founders group:

General familiarity with Buddhism

  • @ least 1 year meditation practice (in Buddhist tradition)
  • Have attended @ least 1 retreat.
  • Have read “What is Sangha?” by Thich Nhat Hanh.

General familiarity with SEBC

  • @ least 3 months attending SEBC
  • Have read About Us (Establishment & History, What We Do, Meditation, Beloved Community, Code of Ethics) on website.
  • When facilitating, willingness to follow Meeting Format (e.g. see Wednesday Group).

Daily meditation practice & Observance of five precepts

  • Attempting to integrate practice with daily life.
  • Takes refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.
  • Careful consideration of Code of Ethics.

And, perhaps, most importantly…

We’re a practice group of fellow travellers, not teachers. We consider ourselves spiritual friends (Pali: kalyana mitta).

“Creating Whole and Beloved Communities does not arise just because we want them to, or because we think we deserve them, or because we think that this is the way things should be, nor does it happen overnight. It happens through the diligence and consistency of difficult work, constant compassion, and always our highest intentions embodied by Wise Effort and the entire Eightfold Path (the umbrella of the Buddha’s Teachings) from all communities, to work on ourselves over time, so that we then can work on ourselves together.” -Larry Yang