Sunday Get-Together

**New to Buddhism? We recommend reading Intro to Buddhism**

**New to Meditation? We recommend reading How to Meditate**

**Please Note: We transitioned in March ’20 to Santivana Buddhist Assembly for 3rd Sunday meeting. However, this is not an SEBC event – see Other Area Events calendar on homepage. Visit Santivana Facebook page for changes to schedule and more info.** 

From Feb ’20 SEBC Newsletter: “We are transitioning from the Lotus Buddhist Temple, discontinuing our regular Sunday Get-Together beginning March. This will simplify our schedule, accommodate the uncertain future of Lotus Temple, & forge a stronger connection with Santivana Buddhist Assembly (Monk Tom) – which already offers a regular Sunday service.”

Our Sunday Get-Together meets the 3rd Sunday of each month (see Calendar) at the Lotus Buddhist Temple in North Augusta, SC. ALL levels of meditators are welcome to attend, including those with no previous experience; however, we encourage people to “bring your own practice.” We’re a practice group of fellow travelers, not teachers. The group is led by an SEBC facilitator and follows a similar timetable to our Wednesday Group. The meeting is followed by a potluck meal. Occasionally the Get-Together has a special theme, such as work meditation, walking meditation, or total relaxation.