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The Southeastern Buddhist Community (SEBC) provides community and fellowship for people in the southeastern region of the United States, without being affiliated with any specific Buddhist temple or tradition. We sponsor Buddhist meditation / mindfulness and community projects in the Central Savannah River Area around Augusta, GA, but also inclusively participate and promote regional Buddhist activities in other temples and churches.

While we are organized around the Buddhist tradition, we sometimes partner with others who include meditation (whether called meditation or not) as an integral part of their practice.

  • Events are OPEN TO ALL & FREE TO ATTEND!!
  • We’re a practice group of fellow “travellers,” not teachers. Consider us spiritual friends (Pali: kalyana mitta).
  • Foundational to our well-being are 5 Mindfulness Trainings: Reverence for Life, True Happiness, True Love, Loving Speech and Deep Listening, Nourishment and Healing.

We at SEBC affirm our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and interconnection. We encourage you to visit our resource list on Socially Engaged Buddhism and we invite your participation, perspectives, and solidarity, as together we undertake the essential work necessary for transformation. May we stand stronger as Beloved Community through our Dharma practice and understanding, and in our larger society as a whole.

Upcoming SEBC Events

**Please visit this link for our calendar.**

~SEBC has historically met the first 2 Wednesdays and 3rd Sunday each month.

~Latest schedule & info will be posted on our calendar & Facebook. Please email us if you have any questions. You can also sign up for our newsletter below (typically sent out monthly – unsubscribe anytime).

~Please note, when joining us via Zoom, you may need to manually enter the meeting ID and password – the direct link occasionally creates issues when signing in.

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“If you are unable to find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?” ― Dogen