Journeys 1


Thursday, January 11, 2017. Today I had a follow-up appointment with the Gastroenterologist who found my cancer, three months ago (almost to the day). I just wanted to hug him. It’s a very special thing being face-to-face with someone who has played such a role in saving your life. I’ve been thinking this past week of what a truly amazing experience this has been. While I would have never EVER signed up for it, nor would I ever wish it on anyone, in so many ways the last two months of my treatment and recovery have felt like the most sane and clear time of my life. How often do we get a chance to truly slow down enough to FULLY pay attention? Pay attention to our body, our thoughts, our emotions, our actions? And how all that impacts and is impacted by those around us? I feel like everything before the cancer was just an endless stream of activities and illusions. I have no idea what life will be like after my treatment is all over, but I know it won’t be the same. It’s already a better place. Of course maybe it’s all just the extra time spent with Sarah and Miss Lucy LaCroix. The best teachers of “present moment mindfulness” I know. 😉 One hundred and thirty-eighth Thankful Thursday.